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  • Top 10 Refrigerator Deals to Expect on Black Friday 2023

    The excitement of Black Friday deals appeals to all shoppers. The reason is that the sale brings many discounts on essential home appliances, including refrigerators. Whether looking for a top-freezer classic or a counter-depth model, Black Friday offers various refrigerator deals on every variant. While there’s still a little waiting for Black Friday 2023, customers can understand what deals to expect by looking at last year’s deals. So, here are the top refrigerator deals from last year.

    Top-freezer refrigerators
    For those who appreciate the tried-and-true design of a top-freezer refrigerator, Black Friday last year had some amazing offers. These models, with their timeless composition of the freezer compartment placed above the fridge section, are budget-friendly and efficient in terms of space. Here are some of last year’s most popular deals on top freezer refrigerators:

    1. The GE 21.9-cu-ft Top Freezer Refrigerator (Stainless Steel) was available at The Home Depot for a discount of around $300. Some of its features include LED lighting, edge-to-edge glass shelves, and an adjustable glass freezer shelf, among others.

    2. The Samsung 2-cu-ft Top Freezer Refrigerator With FlexZone (Black Stainless Steel) was available on the brand’s website for a discount of around 50%. Its features include a reversible door, adjustable shelves, and Twin Cooling Plus technology.

    Counter depth refrigerators
    Counter-depth refrigerators are highly popular for their streamlined appearance, which easily integrates with kitchen cabinets. During Black Friday last year, there were remarkable deals on counter-depth refrigerators from some of the biggest brands. Here are some of the most popular deals from this category from last Black Friday:

    3. As a part of the sale, the LG 23.5-cu-ft Foot French Door Counter-Depth Smart Refrigerator (Stainless Steel) was available at Best Buy for a discount of around $800. Along with being counter-depth, this fridge also has French doors, which allow for more storage. This fridge can also be connected to the LG ThinQ app for remote control.

    4. Last Black Friday, the Samsung 23-cu-ft Smart Counter Depth 4-Door Flex Refrigerator (Stainless Steel) was available on Samsung’s website for a discount of around $1,300. This smart fridge can be connected to Samsung’s Family Hub app for remote control. With this feature, one can also stream music and see who is near the fridge.

    5. The Whirlpool 20.6-cu-ft Side-by-Side Counter-Depth Refrigerator was available at Best Buy for a discount of around $290. This side-by-side fridge includes an exterior ice and water dispenser, Accu-Chill’s temperature management system, and LED lighting.

    French door refrigerators
    French door refrigerators continue to be a popular choice for their elegant yet practical design. They offer better accessibility while saving on space. Black Friday had great deals on these models last year. Some of the top deals are as follows:

    6. Last Black Friday, the GE 36-inch, 27.7-cu-ft French Door Smart Refrigerator was available at Wayfair for a massive discount of around $1,270. Its features include TwinChill evaporators, LED lighting, and an ice and water dispenser.

    7. The Whirlpool 30-inch, 19.7-cu-ft French Door Refrigerator (Stainless Steel) was available at AJ Madison for a discount of around $800. Its features include humidity-controlled crispers, adjustable gallon door bins, tuck shelves, and FreshFlow’s produce preserver.

    8. The Samsung Bespoke 30.1-cu.-ft. French-door Refrigerator with Dual Ice Maker was offered at Lowe’s for a discount of around $1,000. Along with a dual ice maker, its features include color customization with changeable door panels, Twin Cooling Plus technology, and a beverage center.

    Mini fridge
    Mini fridges competed in the big leagues of Black Friday last year and emerged as one of the most popular refrigerator categories. There were amazing deals available on these budget-friendly fridge models:

    9. The Black & Decker 1.7-cu-ft Single-Door Mini Fridge with Freezer was available at Amazon for a discount of around $35. Despite being tiny, the fridge has amazing features, such as an adjustable thermostat control and a reversible door.

    10. The Galanz 3.1-cu.-ft. Retro Mini Fridge with Dual Door True Freezer was available at Home Depot for a discount of about $60. Along with two doors and a stylish retro design, this fridge has features such as adjustable mechanical thermostat control, one crystal crisper, and one full sliding glass shelf.

    Well, Black Friday last year definitely had some of the coolest deals on full-size and mini-refrigerators. It is safe to say that this year’s Black Friday will have great offers on refrigerators with great technology.

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  • 4 cancer symptoms that can worsen due to excessive sugar

    Our food habits influence our overall health and well-being. While an excess of anything is harmful, sugar is among the worst ingredients to overeat. Consistently devouring sweets in large amounts can lead to high blood glucose, which can, in turn, lead to other health complications. For instance, it can affect the body’s cells and tissues, increasing the risk of cancer in vulnerable groups. Here are some early warning signs of cancer due to excessive sugar.

    Cancer reduces the production of red blood cells (RBCs) in the body, causing anemia. Anemia is a condition in which vital organs like the brain and lungs do not get enough oxygen and nutrients to function efficiently. As the organs find it hard to work, patients experience perpetual fatigue. They feel tired even after doing basic tasks, such as walking a few steps or climbing a flight of stairs.

    When people enjoy too many sugary treats at once, their blood sugar spikes significantly. When that happens, they immediately experience a boost in energy levels and feel euphoric. However, this effect does not last long. As their blood glucose levels normalize, they feel tired and sleepy. This is how high blood sugar can worsen fatigue in people with cancer. Hence, patients should resist their sweet cravings as far as possible to control their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

    Cancer is known to trigger other health conditions, some of which can cause ear-splitting headaches. For example, patients may develop anemia and dehydration (caused by frequent diarrhea and vomiting). These conditions tend to cause pressure and inflammation in different body parts. When the brain is affected by inflammation, one may experience headaches.

    Both high and low blood sugar can worsen headaches in individuals with cancer and migraine. This happens because unsteady blood glucose levels affect the brain’s functionality. Therefore, if one already has cancer or migraine, consuming sugar in moderation or eliminating it from meals is advisable.

    Vision problems
    Cancer is inextricably linked with vision problems. The condition tends to disrupt circulation to various body parts, due to which the eyes and brain do not receive the blood and nutrients they need to function correctly.

    High blood sugar can worsen cancer-induced vision problems by causing diabetic retinopathy and permanent vision impairment. These conditions occur when the eye’s blood vessels become swollen and damaged due to excess glucose. These damaged blood vessels slow down the blood flow to the eyes and brain, causing blurry vision too.

    Bowel issues
    Cancer affects the digestive system, causing symptoms like stomach pain, gas, and loose bowels. If a person with cancer eats too many sweets, they may experience these symptoms worsening. This is because sugar takes time to digest. When one overeats sugary foods, it puts pressure on the digestive system, resulting in gas and bowel issues. People who enjoy sugar-heavy meals regularly and have cancer will likely have a bad tummy and diarrhea more often. Avoiding sweet foods and eating nutritious meals can ease digestive discomforts.

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  • 10 Black Friday Deals to Expect on Toys in 2023

    Black Friday is a shopping event that takes place after Thanksgiving. It signals the start of the holiday shopping season, during which retailers offer huge sales and discounts on various products. This is also the best time for buying gifts for kids, including Lego sets, stuffed animals, board games, and video games. They aren’t just a source of entertainment but also help develop critical, out-of-the-box thinking skills, teamwork, and solving strategic challenges. Shoppers can easily find a range of toy deals for babies, toddlers, and tweens.

    1. Miniature toys and cards
    Many people have a hobby of collecting miniature toys, illustrations, models, or cards of their favorite characters. It makes them feel their beloved characters and superheroes are brought to life. Collectibles such as miniature toys and cards inspired by favorites like Stranger Things, Marvel, Manga, and Anime are in high demand among their dedicated fandoms. Last year, shoppers could save around 30% on these toys. 

    2. Collectible toys
    The Squishy Little Dumpling toys, shaped like dumplings, possess exquisitely charming and cute faces. Kids can interact with them. They can be dressed and accessorized, multiplying the fun. They can also be used as small, adorable art pieces for school showcases, leaving lasting first impressions. The pack of two bundles was available for $20 at Amazon last year. 

    3. Playtime tablets
    Imagine the immense joy parents will feel seeing their kids happy, ensuring they learn and gain knowledge through this device. These playtime tablets for kids are there at your service. Connected with Wi-Fi, kids can play pre-installed games that teach them basic math or English grammar lessons and cover other daily learnings. Parental controls are integrated into these devices, enabling parents to monitor their children’s activities while they learn and enjoy themselves. Last, many retailers provided up to 40% discounts on these playtime tablets. 

    4. Building block sets
    These sets offer a world of creativity and construction, where small, colorful bricks can be assembled to transform into mesmerizing structures, vehicles, machinery, and human figures. These are attention-seeking activities for individuals of all ages, from kids to adults. These sets pave the way for boundless imagination for kids to explore their creative potential. The most popular Lego Friends Advent Calendar Building Kit was available for $22 (Original price $28).

    5. Baby dolls
    These companions form a deep connection with the younger generation. They inspire the development of a storytelling instinct, giving them insights into the fashion and fantasy world. The Barbie Cutie Reveal Doll was offered for $25 at Nordstrom’s last sale season. Parents can expect similar deals this year too.

    6. Music and groove toys
    These toys are specifically designed for infants and toddlers, featuring colorful lights and fun music. They are perfect for children who love to dance and enjoy music. One can purchase them for loved ones at the best prices during the Black Friday seasonal sales. Retailers offered around 20% discounts on such toys.

    7. Board games for adults
    Instead of having the usual movie nights, how about trying a game where one can experience different thrilling scenarios alone? Board games like Betrayal at House on the Hill, Mysterium, and Mansions of Madness can surely prove to be spine-chilling games that will keep one deeply engrossed all the time, fighting for survival. Get these board games at discounted prices from various e-commerce websites during Black Friday sales. These games were available at Amazon at cheaper prices.

    8. Business-related board games
    Playing board games can be an interesting way to develop an understanding of business. Games like Catan and Monopoly can teach kids about starting a business, helping them think and plan like a businessperson. One can take advantage of the upcoming Black Friday sale on Amazon to buy any board game at a discount and lay a strong foundation for your business interests. One could see a discount on Monopoly sets running from 20% to 40%.

    9. Remote controlled toys
    Remote-controlled or RC toys are devices operated by the users. These are some of the most loved toys. One can even go for a ride on toys such as cars or bikes. They allow kids to experience the joy of driving and competitive racing. These toys were available for $20 to $30 at various retail stores last year.

    10. Soft toys
    How can one enjoy childhood without owning a hundred varieties of soft toys? These fluffy toys are cherished by every age group, from infants to the elderly. They come in various sizes and are safe to play. These toys were available in most retail stores for discounted rates.

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  • Top 5 music festival cruises to not miss

    Music cruises are an excellent way to combine a vacation with a concert and have an unforgettable experience. Such cruises are always in gorgeous locations, offer luxurious amenities, and are well worth the money due to the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Besides, these cruises have a dynamic atmosphere and allow guests to interact with some of their favorite artists and personalities. If you are intrigued, here are some top cruises for a joyful musical experience.

    Top music festival cruises

    The Groove Cruise
    The Groove Cruise is one of the world’s biggest floating dance music festivals. It features independent music from the West and East Coasts and hosts a massive electronic music festival at sea. This cutting-edge cruise has over ten restaurants, indoor and outdoor bars, lounges, casinos, a disco, and other exciting activities. It also has a sports deck with basketball courts, tennis courts, and other activities. It also has two spas, a video arcade, and an art gallery.

    The Broadway Cruise
    This trip is excellent for people who want to experience the glitz and glam of Broadway. The Broadway Cruise, which will take place over five nights from March 31 to April 5, 2023, will travel roundtrip in a Norwegian Gem. It will feature live musical performances on three separate stages. Some artists onboard will be Kristin Chenoweth, Alan Cumming, Laura Benanti, Randy Rainbow, and others. The trip will begin in New York and include stops at the Royal Naval Shipyard and Bermuda.

    Jam Cruise
    Jam Cruise is one of the most popular festival cruises in the country, departing each year from Miami, Florida. During this six-day, five-night cruise around the Caribbean Seas, a variety of nonstop music is played on board the Norwegian Jade. The festival is only permitted on the cruise ship, but visitors can still take advantage of the many other activities. In addition to a spa, a casino, and a pool, the ship has a restaurant open 24 hours a day. People can attend various events, like poker tournaments, game shows, autograph signings, and door decorating competitions. 

    Rock Legend Cruise
    The 10th annual Rock Legends Cruise features live onboard concerts by some of the biggest musical names from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, as well as memorabilia auctions and photo opportunities. This money goes to the Native American Heritage Association (NAHA). It takes place on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship sailing from Port Everglades. The itinerary includes two days at sea and a fantastic day in CocoCay. Some well-known acts on board include Roger Daltrey, Deep Purple, George, and others.

    7000 Tongs of Metals Cruise Festival
    The cruise for this band features performances by 60 heavy metal bands on four stages with the biggest open-air stage structure ever built to travel through open water. Guests sailing aboard the Freedom of the Seas can enjoy excellent complimentary dining, all-time open bars and lounges, 24-hour room service, and various onboard activities. This five-day, four-night heavy metal music festival includes the official 70000 Tons of Metal All-Star Jam, meet-and-greets with each band, special onboard premieres, artist clinics and workshops, artist-escorted shore excursions, and much more. Many of these festivals and cruises begin in the summer. People should begin preparing and saving early to join the trip without having to rush at the last minute.

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  • 11 early signs of Parkinson’s disease

    Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disorder that affects the nervous system and causes unintended or uncontrollable movements, such as shakes, stiffness, or difficulty with coordination and balance. Since the condition begins slowly, it can be tough to tell if one has Parkinson’s. However, knowing the signs and symptoms can help one be more aware and visit a healthcare professional for diagnosis and management. Here are some common early signs of Parkinson’s disease:

    • Tremors: Tremors or rhythmic shaking may affect a part of the body. It generally begins in a limb, especially the hands or fingers. One may experience trembling hands at rest, but the tremors may subside when performing a task.
    • Slowed movement: Parkinson’s can also slow down movement, making it difficult to complete basic everyday tasks. Steps may become shorter, and one may notice the shuffling of the feet instead of walking. This slowing down is known as bradykinesia.
    • Rigid muscles: One may also experience muscle stiffness, inflexibility, and cramps in any body part. It can often be painful and limit the range of motion. It may also make tasks such as writing, doing up the buttons, or tying one’s shoelaces more difficult.
    • Posture and balance troubles: One may develop a stooped posture or have balance and coordination problems as the condition progresses.
    • Speech changes: Several people with Parkinson’s may also experience speech changes, such as speaking softly or quickly, slurring, or even hesitating before talking. People with Parkinson’s also often sound more monotonous.
    • Loss of automatic movements: One may experience a loss of ability to perform automatic movements, such as blinking and smiling.
    • Writing changes: As the condition progresses, fine motor skills such as writing may become more difficult. Their writing may also appear smaller than usual.
    • Sleep problems: Experiencing other symptoms of Parkinson’s, such as tremors, stiffness, pain, and restless leg syndrome, may cause insomnia, making it difficult to sleep well. Due to a lack of sleep, people with this condition are also likely to experience fatigue and drowsiness throughout the day.
    • Loss of sense of smell: People with Parkinson’s may lose their sense of smell, often years before any other symptoms appear.
    • Bladder problems: Some people may also experience bladder problems, such as needing to use the toilet immediately without warning or going frequently throughout the night.
    • Anxiety: As with any other chronic disease, people with Parkinson’s may also experience anxiety, worry, or fear, especially in the early stages. Some anxiety symptoms may include a sense of dread, constant worry or difficulty concentrating, sweating, pounding, or a racing heartbeat, feeling breathless, dizziness, or even trembling. Some people may also experience extreme sadness or a sense of emotional emptiness for an extended period.

    Parkinson’s is often accompanied by cognitive difficulties, depression, constipation, problems chewing and swallowing, blood pressure changes, fatigue, pain, and sexual dysfunction. Currently, there is no cure for Parkinson’s. Treatments are based on managing symptoms. Those living with advanced stages of Parkinson’s may need a round-the-clock professional nurse to help them perform daily activities.

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  • 5 top Internet services in the budget category

    What would you look for in providers that promise to offer the best Internet services? Possibly the plan-packages that they offer, the cost of installation of the equipment, and the customer service. You might also consider looking at a few other aspects, such as a limit on data caps and any binding service contracts. Keeping all that in mind, here are some of the best Internet services that offer budget services and have coverage across the country.


    Cox has tailor-made plans for all kinds of households. Its base plan starts at $29.99 per month and it offers data speed up to 10 Mbps. This includes services such as basic web browsing or you can take it to the next level by using Gigablast Internet for multiple streaming and gaming devices. Cox also provides you with Panoramic Wi-Fi, which means that even if there are dead zones in your house, you won’t lose on connectivity.

    Frontier DSL

    Frontier DSL services approximately 40 states across the nation. This indicates that no matter whether you reside in the cities, suburbs, or even in the rural areas, the chances of you being able to acquire a Frontier DSL are very likely. The base plan starts at $28 per month and the speed offered is up to 6 Mbps. This plan is best for one-two users who use the Internet mainly to check emails or do some other basic activities. For more complex activities such as online streaming or playing multiplayer games, you will have to increase your budget slightly.


    In terms of plans and speeds, Xfinity can give neck-to-neck competition to all the major Internet service providers. Delivering a base plan that starts at $29.99 per month offering data speed up to 15 Mbps, it certainly has its game a notch above several other competitors. Depending on the region you are placed in, equipment cost and fee can be added to your base plan.


    Unlike many other service providers, Verizon has no annual contracts to bind you. The base plan starts at $39.99 per month and it offers data speed up to 200 Mbps. For every connection that it delivers, Verizon has a reputation of an impressive 99.9% reliability.

    AT&T Fiber

    Its base plan might be a little higher than some of its competitors, but rest assured as far as the services are concerned. It is an out-and-out winner. Boasting 99.9% reliability in its connection and faster upload speeds than an all-cable Internet connection, the base plan starts at $49.99 per month and it offers data speed up to 1000 Mbps. So, you can stream as much content as you like.

    Now, when selecting the best Internet services, it is also advisable that you analyze the usage requirements of your households. It could be that you spend most of your day at the office and only when you come back home, you need the Internet. In that case, you would probably not need a lot of data. Having said that, the above Internet service providers offer you large data limits and good speeds as well.

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  • 50 Brands That May Have the Best Black Friday Sales in 2023

    Shoppers eagerly await the Black Friday season every year. Almost all brands have fantastic offers during this time, helping people save. One can avail of discounts regardless of visiting an e-commerce site or a nearby store. While the sale has not begun yet, it is possible to predict what famous brands might have on offer this Black Friday based on last year’s trends. Here are 50 Black Friday sales to look out for in 2023!

    Abercrombie & Fitch
    The brand rolls out exclusive discounts during Black Friday, especially for myAbercrombie members, so it is recommended to sign up with them before the sale begins. The sign-up is free, so one does not have to worry about the cost. Members may enjoy 30% off their purchases.

    They usually have a sale throughout the Black Friday week, so shoppers can easily get their favorite pair of sneakers for less. However, the sizes sell out soon, so make the most of the deals as soon as they are announced. Adidas has offered 70% off most items during the past Black Friday sales.

    Alo Yoga
    Yoga practitioners will love Alo Yoga’s deals. They usually have a 30% sitewide discount, which customers must apply during checkout. Sometimes, the discounts are already applied, and the final pricing is shown with the products. Special sale items may be available at 70% off!

    This e-commerce site has numerous brands, each offering unique discounts on their products. Individuals will likely find a Black Friday deal in every category, whether beauty, tech, clothing, sports goods, or pet supplies.

    American Eagle
    American Eagle has different types of discounts running up to the Black Friday sale. One can also buy any jeans and cargo pants for 30% off right now.

    They usually offer a website-wide discount of up to 30% on popular items. While the slashed prices may not apply to every product, Anthropologie never fails to attract customers.

    Aritzia hosts several mini sales for short periods leading up to Black Friday. For example, they have a warm-up sale where customers can get up to 50% off. The discount is for selected styles only, so shoppers should ensure their favorite items are a part of the sale.

    Besides offering discounts throughout the year, ASOS sometimes releases codes like TOP25, which gives customers 25% off all items on the website. These codes keep changing, so look for the latest ones around Black Friday.

    Armani Beauty
    Customers generally get 30% off all the items throughout the website with the code GIFTTHEGLOW30. Look out for this code or other Black Friday 2023 codes to get the best prices at Armani Beauty.

    Barefoot Dreams
    This is the perfect place to buy gifts for loved ones. One can choose from categories like cardigans, tees, robes, towels, and many more. Barefoot Dreams is known to offer a 30% discount on most giftable items.

    Best Buy
    Customers find irresistible deals on 4K TVs, laptops, headphones, and other electronics at Best Buy, so visit the store when the shopping season begins. Remember, the discount varies from brand to brand.

    Customers who purchased a custom gift from BaubleBar enjoyed up to 20% off their orders in the past. Expect similar deals during this year’s shopping season.

    Like many brands, Bloomingdale’s discounts last up to a specific date during the shopping season. Visit their official website or a nearby store to learn about the sale dates for 2023 and mark them on a calendar to avoid missing out.

    Bed Bath & Beyond
    Right now, buyers can get 25% off their billing at Bed Bath & Beyond’s website (limited-time offer). Expect similar deals for the shopping season and maybe a special Black Friday sale price.

    They usually throw in limited-time deals during the Black Friday week. These are in addition to discount codes like UNLOCK25, which provide customers with 25% off selected styles on the website.

    CASETiFY is known to offer discounts from the second item onward. Their deals read something like buy 1 get 15% off, buy 2 get 25% off, and buy 3 get 50% off.

    The brand often runs deals like 50% off on select items for a limited time with free shipping. Their Black Friday deals can be similar.

    Dell’s XPS and Inspiron laptops are expected to see a price drop this Black Friday, so hold off any purchases until then. These devices boast great design and performance.

    Drunk Elephant
    Last year, Drunk Elephant had a 20% discount on everything on their website for five days during the Black Friday week. We expect similar deals this time around.

    Drybar is the one-stop shop for hair care products like shampoos, hair brushes, and dryers. The brand is known to provide up to 30% off sitewide during the big sale. Customers can add their favorite items to their wish list and return once the discounts are live.

    Besides 30% off, this skincare brand offered a seven-piece gift free last year on purchases worth $150 or more (after the discount).

    One can expect up to 60% off all items throughout the Etsy website during the Black Friday week! Etsy is an online marketplace for vintage or handmade items.

    Members of this brand are known to enjoy better discounts of around 50% off, while non-members up to 30% off. The brand has fashionable clothing for both men and women under one roof.

    Fenty Beauty
    Shoppers can expect 25% off sitewide but for a limited period. Those looking to purchase makeup should bookmark the Fenty Beauty website and come back during the Black Friday week.

    Forever 21
    Customers may enjoy 30% to 70% off all items in the Forever 21 store, both online and offline. They have product categories like shoes, shirts, hoodies, and jeans.

    Free People
    This clothing brand slashed prices by 50% on all its items during the past Black Friday sales. Expect similar deals this year as well.

    Gap usually offers a 40% discount on all its clothes. However, specific items sell for an additional 20% off for a limited time, so check out the limited-period offers before purchasing.

    Individuals may get up to 60% off all items at Gymshark. This is a great deal for fitness enthusiasts looking for quality clothes for their workout sessions.

    Home Depot
    At Home Depot, customers may save on tools, furniture, kitchen appliances, and other products that make the home comfortable.

    Expect 20% off everything across the H&M website during the shopping season. Doorbusters may steal up to 70% off on Black Friday. Visit the brand’s homepage regularly for the latest announcements to avoid missing out.

    Last Black Friday, shoppers got 50% off this brand’s items with the code SHOPEARLY. Check if the coupon code applies this year too or wait for new codes.

    Expect a sitewide 20% off all items across the Kerastase website. Customers do not need a code; the discount is already applied, and the new prices are displayed on the product page.

    Kohl’s has good deals on shoes, accessories, clothes, and more. One can even buy gifts for family and friends here, making it an excellent place for early Christmas shopping at discounted prices.

    This brand is known to offer 40% off all items, besides free shipping and free returns. Those who cannot wait until the year-end sale can visit the Levi’s website today and check out ongoing discounts.

    They offer 50% off select items already on sale, taking the total discount to 90%. One may have to use the code BF50 to get that additional 50%. Lulus is a fantastic place for women looking for dresses, tops, shoes, and accessories.

    Lowe’s is known to have exclusive deals on brands like Samsung, Whirlpool, and LG. So, those looking to upgrade their appliances may want to hold on until the sale starts to get the best price.

    M·A·C Cosmetics
    One can expect around 30% off their favorite cosmetic products, including highlighters, lipsticks, and concealers, at M·A·C Cosmetics. The discounts are available both online and in-store.

    They usually have early-access Black Friday deals weeks before the shopping season, so browse their website and check for discounts.

    Expect around 40% off all items on this website a couple of days before Black Friday. Madewell is known for its exclusive range of denim, clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories for men and women.

    Shoppers can expect up to 50% off more than a thousand items on the Mango website. The sale usually starts a couple of weeks before the Black Friday weekend, so set a reminder and check out their deals during that time.

    They have great discounts on décor, appliances, furniture, and more. Customers may also enjoy free shipping on their products, eliminating the hassle of paying extra for delivery.

    Old Navy
    Old Navy has discounts for limited days, generally on Black Friday and the day before and after. The clothing brand may slash prices by up to 50% on its entire collection.

    This women’s fashion brand may offer a whopping discount of up to 80% on everything on its website. Moreover, shoppers may be able to use the code EXTRA10 for an extra 10% off their purchases. Bookmark the page and come back closer to the Black Friday week.

    The store has exciting deals throughout the Black Friday week, with many famous brands selling for 50% off. Customers can shortlist the things they need beforehand, add them to their wish list, and then come back during the Black Friday week to check the deals on those products.

    SKIMS is known to have a bi-annual sale, which lasts for a limited time and attracts many customers. This sale is marked by excellent discounts on collections throughout the brand’s website. Those who missed the bi-annual offers can wait until Black Friday, when SKIMS may again have exclusive deals on loungewear, shapewear, and other products.

    The Body Shop
    Shoppers enjoyed 30% off The Body Shop’s Black Friday sale last year using the code EARLY30. It is yet to be known if this code will make a comeback during the 2023 sale. The brand may release new codes closer to the shopping season, so keep an eye out for them.

    The North Face
    This brand is famous for clothing and gear for skiing, hiking, camping, and other adventures. Members generally enjoy exclusive discounts through personalized newsletters in their inboxes. In the past, The North Face has offered 25% off select items on the website. One may expect similar deals this year. The deals for non-members may differ and will only be known closer to the Black Friday season sale.

    Target saves people a lot on furniture, gadgets, clothing, and other essentials. The store’s Black Friday sale usually lasts a couple of days, but the stock runs out quickly, so grab it before it is gone.

    The retail giant has some exciting offers on TVs, kitchen appliances, laptops, and other items during the Black Friday week. One could list the things they need and purchase them from Walmart’s online or offline outlets when the big sale begins.

    Shoppers enjoyed 40% off select items at Zara last Black Friday. Look for a similar price drop this year, and check whether the offer applies for a specific day or an extended period.

    Many stores run out of stock quickly during Black Friday, so plan ahead of time to avoid missing out. One trick is to shortlist products of different brands and add them to the wish lists on their respective websites. Then return to the wish lists once the sale goes live and hit the buy button. This saves time browsing products and helps shoppers get what they need before items go out of stock.

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  • Pulmonary fibrosis – Foods that should be avoided

    Pulmonary fibrosis, a lung disease, is caused due to scarring and damage in the lung tissue. It is typically characterized by breathing difficulties and shortness of breath, which become worse as the condition progresses. While the condition cannot be cured, individuals can ease the process of breathing with the help of the right foods. In this article, we discuss foods that should be avoided when suffering from pulmonary fibrosis.


    Sugar is not good for the overall health of the body. This stands true for those who have pulmonary fibrosis. Excess sugar can lead to high blood sugar and inflammation, which can cause other secondary diseases that can lead to even more unhealthy signs and symptoms. If sugar consumption is kept unchecked, it can also lead to heart attacks and stroke. Some foods with high amounts of sugar include chocolate and artificially sweetened drinks. Certain caffeine products can increase heart rate and worsen lung diseases.

    Bread, rice, and pasta

    Experts suggest that carbohydrates should make up only one-third of an individual’s meal intake. This is simply because the body struggles to break down carbohydrates. The process of metabolism also leads to the most release of carbon dioxide, which makes it a lot more challenging to breathe. As a result, this should be avoided at all costs. Foods that are high in carbs include bread, potatoes, rice, and pasta. As an alternative, patients who suffer from pulmonary fibrosis are suggested to switch to high protein meals.

    Fried foods 

    Snacking has become an integral part of human life. Individuals love to gorge on potato chips, frozen foods, and everything in between. But these foods contain tons of preservatives and saturated fats, both of which can damage the overall respiratory health. Research has shown that consuming too many saturated fats as part of one’s daily meal plan can impair lung function. Saturated fats also contribute to weight gain, increase the risk of heart diseases, and cause other secondary conditions. Foods that contain trans and saturated fats include meat skin, hydrogenated vegetable oils, fried foods, cookies, crackers, and even pastries.

    Aside from limiting foods, individuals suffering from pulmonary fibrosis can also keep their symptoms in check with the help of certain medications.

    Nintedanib (Ofev®)

    Nintedanib (Ofev®) is a prescription medication approved to treat idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. However, they do have serious side effects, such as liver problems, diarrhea, heart attack, and unusual bleeding.

    Pirfenidone (Esbriet®)

    Pirfenidone (Esbriet®) is another prescription medication for pulmonary fibrosis. Common side effects include loss of appetite, dizziness, an upset stomach, vomiting, and diarrhea. Doctors suggest having this with food to reduce dizziness and nausea.

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  • 7 Hidden MacBook Features One Should Be Using

    MacBooks are the epitome of sleek design and powerful performance. Usually, a MacBook user is aware of the sleek aesthetics, the smooth operating system, and the seamless integration with other Apple devices. But beneath the surface, the MacBook is teeming with hidden features and functionalities that can enhance productivity, streamline workflow, and make the computing experience more enjoyable. Let us look at some MacBook specifications and hidden features that one should be using.

    1. Users can customize their trackpad
    The built-in trackpad is a standard input device in all MacBook laptops. Today, users can configure their options to personalize the trackpad with their desired gestures. Users can personalize the sensitivity by accessing Trackpad in System Preferences, enabling or disabling gestures, and creating custom gestures. Users can also customize the MacBook to work according to their convenience, and can aid in streamlining the work at hand. Recent MacBook releases also have a Force Touch trackpad, which provides haptic feedback. The user has to briefly press and hold the pad to enable certain actions, including previewing an address through Apple Maps or viewing email attachments.

    2. Filling out and signing documents
    MacBook has a range of document management processes that are highly convenient for working and managing various work-related documents. With macOS’s built-in Preview app, users can efficiently complete forms, contracts, and other documents without the need to print, sign, and scan them. Preview offers tools for adding text, signatures, dates, and checkboxes to the document. They can open the PDF or image file, select the “Markup” tool, and choose the text or signature option to fill in the necessary fields.

    3. Explore the screenshot options
    Users can take a screenshot or screen grab on a MacBook. The default keyboard shortcuts are Command + Shift + 3 for a full-screen capture and Command + Shift + 4 for a selective region capture. The users can press Command + Shift + 4, then the Spacebar to capture a specific window or app without the surrounding clutter. Further, the user can press the Control key along with the other shortcuts to easily copy the shot to the clipboard so they can directly paste it instead of separately uploading it.

    4. Dynamic desktop images
    Instead of waking up to the same wallpaper on the MacBook daily, users can customize their display according to their preferences. The user can have an always-changing wallpaper and access the same under Desktop & Screen Saver, which will be available under the System Preferences tab. This ever-evolving visual backdrop keeps the desktop aesthetically refreshing and can also transport the user to new and inspiring places without ever leaving their desk.

    5. Use the iPad as a second display
    Recently, Apple introduced Sidecar. The feature enables the user to become a wireless second display to the MacBook. Sidecar extends the Mac’s screen real estate, giving an additional display. It is beneficial for multitasking, as the user can now move Windows, applications, and tools to the iPad screen, freeing up more space on the MacBook for other tasks.

    6. Text expansion features
    Text expansion features are advantageous when texting on a phone and a productivity-boosting asset when people are typing on their laptops. Text expansion features are handy for users typing repetitive phrases, lengthy email responses, or complex text snippets regularly. Text expansion tools like macOS’s built-in Text Replacements or third-party apps can create customized shortcuts that, when typed, automatically expand into the full text that has already been defined.

    7. Renaming multiple files
    More often than not, we find ourselves handling a group of files, and we find it tiring to sit and rename each file individually. The ability to rename multiple files on a MacBook is an invaluable feature, especially for users with large volumes of data. The MacBook makes the process effortless, whether a batch of photos, documents, or any other file type. By selecting the files the user wants to rename and right-clicking or using the “Rename” option in the context menu, they can apply a common name structure across all selected files.

    Top MacBook models in the market

    • Mac Pro – 2019 model, which has up to 28-core Intel Xeon processors
    • Mac Mini – Available in models powered by Apple M1 and M2 chips and is popular for image upscaling features
    • Mac Mini M2 Pro – Contains twice the transistors of M2 and can easily handle large projects and edit a large batch of files
    • 14-inch MacBook Pro – Contains multiple Thunderbolt 4 USB ports and has a world-class Mini-LED Liquid Retina XDR Display
    • 15-inch MacBook Air – Has a Force Touch trackpad and a 1080p FaceTime HD camera
    • 16-inch Macbook Pro – It has the most extended battery life ever, with up to 22 hours of video playback and up to 15 hours of wireless web browsing.
    • Mac Studio with M2 Ultra and M2 Max – The Apple M2 is a highly capable chip that runs multiple apps effectively. At the same time, the Apple M2 Ultra is currently their largest and most efficient chip that can handle heavy and demanding workflow.

    The MacBook has become an indispensable tool for professionals, students, and those who use it for entertainment. Their commitment to user interfaces has led to them creating several features that create an immersive user experience. Explore the features and optimize the utility of the MacBook.

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  • Foods to eat and avoid for multiple sclerosis

    Multiple sclerosis is a type of autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in the central nervous system. The immune system attacks the brain, spinal cord, and other parts of the CNS by causing inflammation in the myelin sheath: a protective layer present on the neurons. While there are several treatments options available to manage MS (multiple sclerosis) symptoms, here are some foods to eat and avoid to better manage MS. Read to know more.

    Foods to eat


    Turmeric is rich in curcumin, an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent that can modulate cell signaling pathways, preventing multiple sclerosis.


    It is yet another food that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger can be consumed with tea (ginger tea). It contains 10-gingarol, an anti-inflammatory compound that regulates B cell-related immune responses, which can help in managing multiple sclerosis symptoms.

    Vitamin D-rich foods

    Foods such as fortified orange juice, mushrooms, salmon, tuna, eggs, and cereals are rich in vitamin D. Calciferol, the active form of vitamin D is synthesized by the body, and it circulates as a hormone in the blood, reducing inflammation in the CNS.

    Healthy fats

    Healthy fats are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which play a major role in avoiding inflammation due to the demyelination of the neurons in the CNS.

    Foods to avoid

    Trans fats

    Vegetable oil is rich in trans fats is found in abundance in shortening, baked goods, biscuits, and fried foods. This can cause inflammation in the blood vessels, triggering an autoimmune response, resulting in demyelination in the CNS.

    Artificial sugar

    Foods like cakes, pastries, cookies, and beverages that contain added sugars are low in nutrition and can cause inflammation in the body. This causes obesity and aggravates the symptoms of MS.


    The protein present in the milk mimics a component present in the myelin sheath. The immune system mistakes the milk protein with the component and attacks the CNS to balance the component level in the myelin sheath, worsening MS.

    Processed and packaged foods

    Additives and preservatives present in processed and packaged foods can cause inflammation in the blood vessels and result in cardiovascular disease, triggering an autoimmune response, aggravating MS symptoms.

    While managing daily nutrition can help provide relief from certain multiple sclerosis symptoms, it is important to be aware of medications for treating the same. Ocrelizumab or Ocrevus® is one such medicine, which is a form of infusion therapy that can be performed up to three times a year based on the severity of symptoms. Zeposia® (Ozanimod) capsules are specifically used for treating relapsing MS, and the medication is usually prescribed once daily in the first week, and its dosage is increased gradually. Other medications like Avonex®, Betaseron®, Aubagio®, Gilenya® can also be used for managing multiple sclerosis.

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