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  • 6 tips to quit smoking and improve overall health

    Many people who smoke know that the habit is bad for their health and the health of those standing around them, so they try to stop it. Sure, breaking the habit is not that easy, but one must not lose hope once they have made the choice. Understand that there are various ways in which people could initiate their journey to quit smoking for good and lead a healthier life. 

    Find a reason
    One of the first steps in letting go of the habit is to find a reason. Experts indicate that having a valid and powerful motive is helpful when trying to let go of smoking. A few explanations could include protecting the family from secondhand smoke or lowering the risk of health complications like heart disease, lung cancer, and other associated ailments. Having a solid reason to quit may help one resist the urge.

    Don’t rush into it
    A person cannot quit in a single day. Those who smoke all the time might realize that their brain requires nicotine to function normally. Trying to stop suddenly may send the body into withdrawal and trigger other complications. So, people should create a plan to let go of the unhealthy habit by speaking to healthcare experts for appropriate support. The professional may recommend various methods, such as quit-smoking apps and classes, hypnosis, and counseling. These solutions may help the body gradually let go of smoking.

    Stay active
    Once someone decides to quit smoking, they should keep themselves occupied. Being active may lower the person’s craving for nicotine and ease their symptoms of withdrawal. If an individual feels like smoking, they can step outside for a jog. Mild exercises like walking or gardening have also shown to be beneficial for those who want to let go of unhealthy habits.

    Eat healthy foods
    When an individual is on a journey to quit lighting one up, they must ensure they eat healthy foods regularly. One could reach for fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and lean protein. But one might want to change their eating habits gradually because a sudden shift might worsen things. 

    Get rid of the smell
    Even if a person stops smoking, the scent still lingers in their home. This smell can tempt them to light one. So, once an individual decides to quit, they must wash and dispose of all the ashtrays and lighters. They must also wash the draperies, carpets, clothes, and upholstery to get the smell of cigarettes out of the home. Cleaning the car may also help one on the road to recovery.

    Manage stress
    Most people who smoke do so to manage stress, negative emotions, and distress. Therefore, they might find it hard to let go of the habit without an alternative to manage their mental health. One should note that there are expert-recommended ways to manage stress, such as meditation and yoga. Other methods like deep breathing exercises may also help one improve their approach to a healthier lifestyle. One can speak to an expert if they find it hard to choose an option.

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  • 6 dental issues indicating high sugar intake

    Having a sweet tooth is more common in the country than one would imagine. According to a recent survey, 59% of respondents (who snack often) in the country chose cookies as their favorite snacks, with ice cream and sweets also featuring among the top 10 picks. While desserts are instant mood enhancers, excessive sugar intake triggers several health issues, which include compromised dental health. Here are a few ways in which sugar affects oral health:

    Dental cavities
    The teeth contain two types of hard tissues—enamel and dentin. When sugar enters the mouth, it may be metabolized by oral bacteria to give rise to acid, which can demineralize the enamel and the dentin, causing cavities. Food particles may enter these cavities, leading to tooth decay and further complications. Although teeth cavities may be covered with dental fillings, this process is rather expensive, accounting for 5–10% of the healthcare budget.

    Plaque or tartar refers to a sticky coating of bacteria on the teeth, causing bad breath, dark stains, and hard teeth deposits. Often, tartar is formed when the molecules present in sugary foods mix with one’s saliva and oral bacteria. If left untreated, tartar may dissolve the enamel and lead to the development of dental cavities. Severe cases of tartar can also lead to bleeding gums. While there are teeth whitening and cleaning procedures to get rid of tartar, prevention is always better than cure. So, it is important to regulate sugar intake to prevent the development of plaque or tartar.

    Dental abscesses can be characterized by redness and bumps within or outside the mouth. Experts suggest that excessive intake of sugary beverages, such as soft drinks, can produce certain acids in the mouth. Such acids may combine with oral bacteria and form dental abscesses, which can cause severe pain and discomfort.

    Gum disease
    Sugary beverages can enter the gaps between the teeth, making room for bacterial growth here. It is difficult to eliminate such bacteria even with regular brushing, flossing, and other oral hygiene techniques. The accumulation of bacteria in the corners of the teeth and gums over time can cause gingivitis, characterized by inflammation of the gingiva—part of the gum around the base of teeth. Gingivitis leads to symptoms such as irritation and swelling in the affected area and is classified as the first stage of gum disease.

    Sugary foods can weaken teeth enamel over time, eventually triggering or aggravating teeth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is characterized by a sharp pain upon having hot or cold foods or brushing.

    Brittle teeth
    Repeated damage to the enamel can make the teeth brittle over time. Weak teeth and teeth loss can make it difficult to perform basic activities like chewing and speaking. While procedures like dentures and dental implants can help with such issues, these procedures can burn a hole in the pocket. So, it is best to avoid or strictly limit sugary foods and beverages and follow oral hygiene practices such as brushing twice daily, gargling after meals, and flossing.

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  • What you should know about the special editions of the Silverado 1500

    The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 series is a true workhorse in the heavy hauling business. The pickup features powerful engines, multiple transmission options, and trim variants so everyone has something to look forward to this year. In addition to the standard variants, the automobile manufacturer has also launched special editions of the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 at a premium price.

    These vehicles stand out from the rest of the competition in every possible way. Check them out.

    LT Trail Boss Midnight edition
    Chevrolet has definitely gone all out for the custom Midnight edition of its Chevrolet Silverado 1500 series. The pickup sports a beautiful dark exterior with everything black including the badging, bowtie emblems, assist steps, bumpers, and even the grills. The 18-inch aluminum wheels with a Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac tire tread feature a stunning high-gloss back finish that compliments the dark cab and chassis brilliantly. One of the main highlights of this custom off-roader is the Z71 off-road package for the standard 2-inch factory installation, making it one smooth ride over bumpy terrain. High intensity LED lamps and a stunning black dual exhaust system completes the dark ensemble and justifies the midnight edition name. Under the hood, you will get a whopping 6.2L EcoTec3 V8 engine that churns out a massive 420 horsepower thrust.

    Custom Rally Edition
    If you are not looking to customize an off-roader, the Silverado 1500 Rally edition is a better option for urban street appeal. In fact, contrary to the all-black exterior and color scheme of the Midnight Boss, the Rally edition comes in red, white, and a silver finish. Further customization is done to the badging and the body grille to suit the color scheme of the pickup. If you still prefer the black exterior over lighter shades, Chevrolet can customize the Rally editions hood, tailgate stripes, assist steps, and exhaust tips. This edition also comes with bigger wheels sporting a 20-inch aluminum set designed to rip that asphalt. The engine is smaller and less powerful in comparison to the Midnight Boss. But the 2.7L Turbo comes with an 8-speed automatic transmission with a better fuel economy. Note that the Custom Rally Edition is not necessarily built for racing the dunes.

    RST Rally Edition
    The Custom Rally Edition is also available in the RST trim variant with a few modifications done to the exterior. It is a premium alternative to consider in place of the original Silverado. One of the key highlights of the RST trim is the powertrain, featuring multiple engine options. You can either opt for the standard 2.7L Turbo or install the more-powerful 5.3L and 6.2L V8s. The 2.7L and 5.3L both get an 8-speed automatic transmission while the 6.2L is a better upgrade with a 10-speed automatic gearbox. You can get a full black exterior or opt for the three colors that are a standard on the Rally edition. To support all that power and transmission, the RST gets even bigger 22-inch aluminum wheels.

    Note that all special editions of the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 are premium automobiles and priced accordingly.

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  • 10 best retailers for Cyber Monday deals on shoes

    Cyber Monday is just around the corner on November 28, 2022, so it’s time to start thinking about what shoes you want. With multiple top brands showing up on Cyber Monday, you simply cannot miss this one. With an array of choices this year, it’s definitely going to be tough to choose. To make it easier, here are the top 10 best shoe deals for men and women to help you pick the best!

    Astorflex Ankle Boot
    If you are interested in a great deal on men’s shoes, check out the Astorflex Greenflex Boot. This stylish boot is available for just $139 at MODESENS, making it a great choice for anyone on a budget.

    Marc Fisher Zala Heel Pointy Toe Pump
    This stylish shoe is available for just $79.97 at Nordstrom Rack during the Cyber Monday sale. The Zala is perfect for work or evening wear, with a sleek design, and comfortable fit. The block heel provides stability and support, making it ideal all-day wear.

    Under Armour Men’s Charged Pursuit 2
    The Under Armour Men’s Charged Pursuit 2 running shoe is currently available at a discounted price of $59.98 at DSW.com, which is a fantastic deal considering its quality and features.
    The Charged Pursuit 2 running shoe is designed with UA’s signature performance technology, including a cushioned foot bed and a breathable mesh to keep your feet fresh. These shoes have a lightweight construction for easy walking, while the TPU outsole provides durable traction on any surface. The shoe is available in multiple colors, so you can find the perfect one as per your preference.

    Balenciaga Knife Knit Pumps
    Look no further than Balenciaga’s knife-knit pumps, if you’re looking for a great Cyber Monday deal on women’s shoes. These pumps are this season’s head turners, and are available in black or beige. Priced at just $653 from LYST, they are great value and perfect for any occasion.

    Aldo Breadda Winter Boots
    The Aldo Breadda boots are currently on sale for $69.98 at ALDO, an excellent price for a quality pair. The Breadda boots are made with waterproof leather and have a cozy lining, making them perfect for winters.

    Adidas EQ21 Run Sneaker
    The Adidas EQ21 Run Sneaker is a running shoe with breathability, stability, and cushioning. It has a mesh to keep your feet cool and dry during workouts. If you’re looking for a versatile sneaker for casual or intense activity, these sneakers are worth a look up for just $53.99 at Klarna.

    Adidas Ultraboost 21
    Adidas is back with the Ultraboost 21, and this time they’ve priced it at $126. The shoes provide an explosive boost in energy and performance, making them perfect for athletes to take on their next challenge.

    Vans Asher Slip-Ons
    Are you looking for a shoe that will keep your feet comfortable throughout the day? Check out Vans Asher Slip-Ons, which are currently on sale for $59.99 at DSW.com. These shoes are durable and will last you a while. In addition, they come in several different colors and styles to suit your every need.

    Nike Air Monarch IV
    Nike’s Air Monarch IV is one of the best shoes for under $59.98 at Shoe Carnival. It is comfortable, stylish, and versatile, making it an excellent choice for any activity. It is on sale now for just $45.49, so don’t miss your chance to snag a pair of Nike shoes at an unbelievable price.

    Nike Court Borough Mid 2 High-Top
    This shoe is perfect for anyone who wants a stylish sneaker that will last. For $69.99 at Famous Footwear, it features a synthetic upper that is water-resistant and durable, as well as an air-cushioned sole that makes it comfortable to wear.

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  • 6 warning signs that indicate osteoporosis development

    Osteoporosis is a health condition that weakens bones, turning them brittle and porous. It is often characterized by the presence of painful muscles and joints. Losing bone mass can also make one more susceptible to fractures. Fortunately, proper symptom management can help provide the person with a healthy lifestyle. However, to do so, it is crucial to be aware of the common symptoms and early warning signs of the condition and seek a timely diagnosis.

    Postural changes
    Changes in posture are among the common signs of osteoporosis. Patients often have poor spinal curvature and stoop when sitting. The loss of bone density in the body is a substantial contributing factor and results in weakened bones in the spinal cord. It also impacts the patient’s breathing due to compressed lungs.

    Change in height
    Shrinking with age is common. However, that is a change of an inch or two in the individual’s height. Whereas, the shrinkage of height in case of osteoporosis spans several inches and occurs in a shorter time. The height change is a result of bone loss in the vertebrae. Therefore, it is a must to seek timely checkup if the height changes.

    Brittle fingernails
    It might not seem like a significant issue, but brittle fingernails susceptible to breakage are a warning sign of osteoporosis, as it provides a peek at the internal health of a patient. Brittle nails that break easily indicate poor bone health and a warning. Even if they result from a nutrient deficiency or poor lifestyle, it is important not to overlook them. Brittle nails can be a clear indication of osteoporosis if combined with other symptoms.

    Muscle pain
    Most people can experience muscle and joint pain at some point. It could be a result of being overexerted or an indication of an undiagnosed underlying condition. It is crucial to get everything checked if the pain persists. Consulting with a doctor can help identify the root cause of the pain and conclude whether it is osteoporosis or some other condition.

    Constant physical activity is a difficult feat for people with osteoporosis. Patients are likely to be exhausted and tired, rendering them incapable of taking up added physical activity. They might even find it challenging to complete routine tasks. This is more severe than the tiredness that comes with age.

    Vitamin deficiency
    Calcium and Vitamin D are two essential components for healthy bones. Unfortunately, the deficiency of these essential compounds is common in some people. Vitamin D is also deficient in people who have osteoporosis. If a patient is likely diagnosed with this condition, they need to speak to their health care provider. It is necessary to take steps to improve the level of Vitamin D in the body through food or supplements.

    Treatment options and lifestyle changes together can be a significant boost for a patient’s physical and mental wellbeing:
    Evenity® is commonly prescribed to post-menopausal women that are dealing with osteoporosis. It helps recover bone loss and assists in the growth of new bone cells. Evenity® can also show improvement in the level of fatigue the patient experiences.

    Forteo® is an injectable treatment option used to decrease the risk of fractures in osteoporosis patients. It can be administered once daily in the abdomen or the thigh.

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  • Four affordable Corvettes that you should consider

    Simply put, Chevrolet’s Corvettes are the ultimate American dream car. The car has personified excellence, performance, and panache for well over six decades, resonating not just with the youth but also adults who’ve warmly connected with the brand’s definition of vigor and muscle. Despite being a premium sports car that is up there with the best, Corvettes are amazingly affordable with their price range reflecting the inclusiveness of their many models.

    Cheap Corvettes, unlike others, are still a robust machine rendering mammoth power, faultless transmission, and sleek design. So, if the following cheap Corvettes are for sale, do not pass on the opportunity.

    • 1975-1982 C3 Coupe

    Around the mid-1970s, there was a serious energy crisis around the world. Many thought that all the oil would soon dry up and thereby starve the world off energy. While it didn’t really matter in the long term, it dramatically changed the automotive industry.

    Corvettes, which relied quite heavily on power, suffered a great deal. Engine power was downsized, delivering embarrassing transmission that was worse than the earlier edition. Therefore, buying a Corvette from around that time would be easy on the wallet. The engines and interior, which was just as poor originally, can be reworked to deliver a classic Corvette drive.

    • 1996 Corvette Coupe/Convertible

    This was the final year of the C4, with Chevrolet all-set to begin production of the C5. Quite affordable on the used car market, the C4 also had a couple of Special edition models. These uniquely came with the new LT4 engine that gave 330 horsepower and had a six-speed manual transmission. The LT1, meanwhile, was limited to the automatic transmission.

    The two Special edition models named Grand Sport Coupe and Collector Edition, are slightly more expensive than the base coupe and convertible, but come with their own set of luxuries.

    • 1999 Corvette Convertible

    This fifth-generation Corvette can be bought for as low as $20,000 on the used car market. Running on a powerful engine, the 1999 Corvette had a stylish interior featuring the all-new “Heads-Up Display” – an exciting system that displayed speedometer, water temperature, oil pressure, and fuel level.

    • 1964-1965 C2 327/250 Coupe

    Part of the second-generation C-series, the 1964-65 Corvettes were beautifully designed and delivered around 250 horsepower. The drive choices were pretty much similar to 1963, with the transmission not varying as much. Subtle changes were made to the exterior with split-window abandoned in favor of rear ones that were made out of a single piece of glass.

    Compared to the 1963 model, faux hood vents were also removed and gave the 1964 version an entirely unique look. They’re a lot cheaper than the 1967 model and will always retain their resale value thanks to the superior design.

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  • 8 signs of tardive dyskinesia one can not ignore

    Tardive dyskinesia, or TD, causes the body to deal with involuntary movements of the muscles in the body, including the face, limbs, neck, and jaw. Typically, TD is caused by the long-term intake of certain prescription treatments that are used to combat schizophrenia and other mental health conditions. These are primarily treatments that interfere with the brain’s dopamine receptors. With timely diagnosis and prompt treatment, this neurological condition can be cured over time. 

    Facial ticks
    Patients with this condition can experience facial ticks, distortion, and pronounced grimacing of the face. The distortion can be from mild to severe, depending on the condition’s intensity. It can also cause the patient to deal with socially distressing situations and impact their confidence. Facial ticks are one of the most common early warning signs that should be taken care of as soon as one notices it.

    Dental problems
    The neurological condition can involuntarily cause dental movements to be prolonged. For example, if the patient puckers their lips, they may have difficulty in undoing the movement, which can lead to dental problems. This complication can cause changes in the patient’s dental alignment and result in malocclusion. Therefore, TD patients should schedule routine dental checkups and adopt preventive measures to manage their dental health effectively.

    Twitching limbs
    Tardive dyskinesia can also present as tremors or shaking of the fore and hind limbs of the patients. However, these tremors might not always be noticeable. In some cases, the shaking is more pronounced when the patients are required to perform tasks that rely on the patient’s fine motor control. It includes activities like writing, drawing, and holding objects. Pronounced twitching of the limbs can hinder the patient’s ability to execute precise movements.

    Involuntary blinking
    Tardive dyskinesia can cause involuntary and rapid blinking of the eyelids, a symptom also commonly known as blepharospasm. Patients can experience mild fluttering of their eyelids and or even pronounced blinking. Patients with severe cases of TD can experience visual disturbances that can significantly impact their day-to-day activities.

    Impulsive neck movements
    The condition can also impact the neck muscles of the patient, causing involuntary movements like nodding, tilting, and rotating the neck. These movements can prove to be painful and may disrupt the patient’s daily life. With the constant involuntary movements, there is the risk of potential strain or tension of the neck and the inability of the patient to maintain a steady position.

    Akathisia is another common warning sign in patients with TD. The neurological disorder causes patients to experience agitation and restlessness. To alleviate this discomfort, patients tend to change their position constantly. The constant agitation and restlessness can cause mental and emotional distress for the patients and impact their overall well-being. Moreover, the symptoms might even lead to increased stress levels in the patients.

    Lack of coordination
    When the condition progresses, it also presents a lack of coordination in the patients. It can hinder activities like walking, writing, fetching things, typing, or even handling the smallest objects.

    Speech complications
    Tardive dyskinesia can have long-term implications not only on the patient’s facial movements but also on their oral movements. It can change the way a patient speaks, affecting their pronunciation and making it difficult for others to understand what they are trying to communicate. The speech difficulties caused by the condition can frustrate the patient and make everyday communication a challenge.

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  • Top 10 Black Friday software deals in 2022

    Black Friday is an ideal time to check off items from one’s shopping list without feeling guilty. This year, many computer software companies are showering tech enthusiasts with a bonanza of deals that will help techies to save a handful of dollars. Based on the announcements by these popular brands and their Black Friday trends from the past years, we have rounded up ten computer software deals to watch out for in 2022.

    Every year on Black Friday, Microsoft offers amazing discounts on Windows operating system and Microsoft Office, enabling customers to get their hands on high-tech computer software for a low price. This year, keep an eye out as the store prepares to announce some exclusive deals for tech enthusiasts.

    On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Adobe often offers discounts up to 35% on its Creative Cloud software package, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe XD, and Lightroom. This year, one can expect the company to advertise various discounts closer to the time. Adobe computer software is available for an online subscription so that one can get one’s hands on the bargain directly from the Adobe website.

    McAfee Antivirus Software
    McAfee is an antivirus software that scans the computer for viruses and protects it in real time. The company, like last year, is bringing many money-saving deals on its computer software, including downloadable LiveSafe product line, McAfee AntiVirus, Internet Security, and yearly subscription-based Total Protection for 2022 Black Friday.

    Wondershare offers affordable multimedia, PC utility, and PDF solutions for those looking to buy advanced editing software that includes features like an easy way to move data between mobile phones or an intuitive PDF editor. On Black Friday last year, the company offered up to 35-50% off all its products and is expected to come up with similar deals this time.

    With an emphasis on email deliverability, SmartReach is a sales enablement platform specializing in cold email outreach. It helps businesses grow sales by finding prospects, automating email outreach, and synching multiple CRMs. It offers two free tools with its paid plans, including ProspectDaddy, a tool to find Linkedin emails, and WarmupHero. For 2022 Black Friday, the company is offering 20% off on all its annual plans for the first year.

    Engagebay is a software brand that keeps track of a business’s customer information in one location and helps automate one’s marketing processes by sending personalized messages. The company offered 40% lifetime off on all of its annual plans in 2021 and is expected to announce similar deals this year too.

    A CRM designed mainly for small B2B businesses, Salesflare synchronizes emails, calendars, phones, and social media and organizes all business data in one place. The automation feature sets up on a computer in minutes. The company offered 50% off after six months of a free trial last year on Black Friday, which is expected in 2022 as well.

    A project management software, ActiveCollab provides multiple CRM features for startups and big companies, enabling them to control their tasks, communications, collabs, projects, files, resource workload, costs, and budgets. They are set to offer a 26% discount on the first purchase from November 26th to 28th for Black Friday in 2022.

    WhiteCream is a software that helps content creators write blog articles, scripts, podcasts, descriptions, emails, taglines, and other forms of write-ups using artificial intelligence. Their exclusive Black Friday 2022 deal offers lifetime access to their features for a one-time fee of $59. The offer is valid from November 19th to December 31st, 2022.

    LinkedFusion is a cloud-based LinkedIn Automation tool for startups and enterprise teams. It assists hiring teams in finding qualified applicants for interviews and sales representatives in creating improved sales pipelines. For Black Friday, the company is offering 25% off on its semi-annual plans and 40% off on its annual plan from November 25th to November 30th, 2022.

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  • 7 common home pest control mistakes

    The sight of a pest infestation at home could get etched in one’s memory for a long time. And from that moment on, one can’t help but constantly think about potential ways to get rid of these bugs or rodents. While pest control is an excellent solution, doing it incorrectly can worsen the existing infestation and lead to a lot of hassle. Below are seven pest control mistakes one should avoid.

    Not determining the cause
    The first mistake is not determining the cause of the problem. For example, on seeing a couple of spiders in the basement, some people immediately spray pesticide to get rid of them. However, one needs to find where the spiders are coming from. If they are emerging out of gaps in windows, seams, and foundations, one must seal these gaps to keep infestations away.

    Only spraying ants
    On seeing a trail of ants at home, some immediately spray them. However, ants come from colonies, meaning a new batch could return in a few days. Therefore, individuals must use indoor baiting techniques instead to solve this problem. The ants will bring the bait back to their nest, which could help eliminate or drive away the colony.

    Keeping the home messy
    One of the worst mistakes that leads to pest infestations is always leaving the home in a mess. This includes leaving crumbs or juice stains uncleaned. One should tidy the entire house regularly, including the kitchen counter, sofas, and floors. Experts also recommend dusting and vacuuming regularly and keeping clutter to a minimum.

    Incorrectly baiting for pests
    While baiting is an excellent way to control pests at home, one may do it incorrectly and lower its effectiveness. Individuals should not place a trap where they don’t see the infestation. Rodents usually travel along the walls, behind the refrigerator, or in dark corners, so these are the best places to keep the trap. Further, if one thinks they have caught all the insects and/or rodents, they should continue placing the trap. It could help catch potential younger rodents in a few days.

    Leaving pets untreated
    One might clean their entire house thoroughly but still see infestations of ticks and fleas. The problem might occur because the individual has a pet that has not been treated. Failing to clean and treat pets can leave the home susceptible to creepy crawlies, hampering both pet and human health. Therefore, one should take the appropriate measures to protect pets from infestations.

    Waiting it out
    Many wait to see if the infestation goes away without intervention. While this might work sometimes, in other situations, their number might grow by a significant margin. Therefore, one should treat the home at the first sign of an infestation.

    Not seeking professional assistance
    While minor home infestations are manageable, homeowners might not be able to handle the problem if it is severe. In such situations, one should consider hiring a professional pest control company. While it might cost more, the services could help secure the home against infestations for a long time.

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  • 6 foods that can lead to weakened bones

    One of the biggest food-related cliches is “you are what you eat.” However, that phrase is spot on when it comes to one’s bone health. Eating the right foods can strengthen one’s bones significantly, while the wrong foods can weaken bones by leaving them vulnerable to conditions, such as osteoporosis, and also affect the quality of life at large. If you are at risk of bone-related issues, you must avoid these six foods.

    Hot dogs
    Its health hazards are well-known across the healthcare community. And yet, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is still a major flavor enhancer in many processed foods one can buy in the market. Foods such as hot dogs, beef jerky, mayonnaise, frozen pizzas, and fried chicken are seasoned with MSG to give them an irresistible taste, fragrance, and flavor. MSG can stimulate one’s nerve cells, leading to seizures and migraines. It can also decrease bone density in regular consumers of the above-mentioned foods.

    Caffeine is just as bad as MSG when bone health is the topic of discussion. Caffeine-rich beverages, such as coffee, decrease the bone’s ability to absorb adequate amounts of calcium from food for reinforcement purposes. This causes issues such as brittle and porous bones in the long run. To avoid the issue, one should not consume too much coffee (for instance, more than three cups every day). Instead, turn to fruits such as apples or oranges for a burst of energy and to keep one’s bones in good shape for many years.

    Beef liver
    Another chemical that might be problematic from the perspective of bone health is animal-derived vitamin-A, known popularly as retinol. Beef liver, although delicious and protein-rich food, is unfortunately loaded with retinol. High intake of this food can speed up issues such as osteoclast activity and make one’s bones incredibly brittle. Instead, one can chomp into healthy and just-as delicious chicken dishes to keep the bones healthy and durable.

    Sweet potatoes
    Carrots and sweet potatoes fall in the same bracket in this regard. Both these foods are rich in vitamin A, a nutrient with several health benefits such as enhancing eye health, clearing skin acne, and strengthening immunity. However, as specified earlier, this vitamin takes away calcium from the bones, leaving them vulnerable to problems. As a result, if one consumes carrots and sweet potatoes on a massive scale (for instance, about four sweet potatoes or 10 to 11 cups of raw carrots), they run the risk of suffering bone issues and injuries in the long term.

    Salted nuts
    Sodium is another chemical that gradually but surely debilitates a person’s bone health if they consume it regularly. This tangible weakening of the bones becomes more pronounced as people get older. Salted nuts, noodles, salt, and some kinds of hyper-processed pasta are rich in sodium. As per the USDA, one loses 40 milligrams of calcium from their bones every time they consume about 2,300 milligrams of salt and other sodium-rich foods. To minimize sodium consumption, one needs to steer clear of processed foods and use limited amounts of salt in their food.

    Oxalate-rich foods, such as cashew, almonds, spinach, and colocasia, drain the calcium content in a person’s bones. Rhubarb, too contains high reserves of oxalate. So, aficionados of this food will have to cut it out of their daily meals or, at the very least, consume it in moderation if they want to be mindful of their bone health.

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