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Parkinson’s disease – How to prevent it the natural way

A brain disorder that leaves your body impaired. That is how one would define Parkinson’s disease. It results in one’s body trembling and becoming extremely stiff, almost rendering the person immobile. The person finds it extremely difficult to walk, balance himself, and coordinate his brain to do body movements. The condition aggravates with time and leads to several other problems like behavioural changes, irregularities in sleep patterns, depression, and memory failure.

Here are some ways in which you can prevent the occurrence or aggravation of Parkinson’s disease:

Consume fresh and raw vegetables

Vegetables contain B vitamin folic acid in large amounts. It has proved to be very effective when it comes to reducing the risk of Parkinson’s disease. Make sure that fresh and preferably boiled vegetables form a large part of your diet. Green vegetables like spinach, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, and broccoli are known to be rich sources of B vitamin folic acid. It is not difficult to procure these vegetables from the market. If you have a garden, you can grow most of these there.

Make green tea your choice of beverage

The fact that green tea is healthy is well-known. Apart from having antioxidant properties, it helps vastly in safeguarding the body against several harmful diseases. Parkinson’s disease is primarily a disorder associated with the brain and green tea has several properties that help in keeping the brain healthy. Green tea protects and nourishes the neural network of the brain and helps in its functioning. It also reduces the level of dopamine in the brain tissue. Just be a little cautious when you shop for green tea. Opt for a high-end brand as the lower or lesser-known brands tend to have fluoride content in high quantities which affects the brain adversely.

Regular exercise

Doing exercise regularly is important not only for physical health, but it also helps in keeping you mentally healthy. Aerobic exercise brings down the chances of inflammation in the brain and helps in protecting it against the inflammatory signals which gradually lead to Parkinson’s disease. Aerobic exercise has proved to be very beneficial for cognitive health. Start with simple exercises and do them regularly. If an individual is very old and not comfortable with doing exercises, 40 minutes of walk every day will help in keeping his brain stimulated.

Buy organic products

In a lot of patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, the disease has been traced to the presence of pesticides or herbicides in their bodies. These elements have been found in several people who work in the agricultural sector. Even people who do not work in this sector are susceptible to such elements owing to its presence in several commercial products. There are a lot of pesticides that are available legally, and are used by farmers extensively in their crops. Thus, you have to be cautious and aware of the origin of the food material you are consuming.

Include Omega-3 in your diet

Parkinson’s is an inflammatory disease and thus, medical experts have tried to discover elements that have anti-inflammatory properties. The Omega-3 fatty acid is one such element. It helps in curbing the risk of Parkinson’s disease owing to their prowess in preventing the degeneration of cells. Apart from that, Omega-3 fatty acids significantly help in increasing immunity and bringing out a balance in cholesterol level.