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  • 4 face powders for a flawless finish

    If you are well acquainted with the art of makeup, you are surely familiar with the importance of face powder too. Whether it is to set your makeup right, make it last through the day, or just touch up for a party after work, face powders can do it all. That is if chosen correctly. And we’re here to help you do just that! Here are some of the best face powders you can choose from:

    1. Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder
      The Charlotte Tilbury powder is a holy grail for MUAs and celebs, and we love it too. Although the product is a little expensive, it will be worth the spend till you are scraping out the last bit. The powder efficiently blurs off skin blemishes, leaving you with a flawless look. Plus, the hydrating almond oil in the powder makes it a perfect match for those with dry skin looking for a non-cakey formula. Prices at $45 dollars, this is one of the best face powders you can find.
    2. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder
      If non-pressed powders are your go-to for an oil-free finish for a long day, this might just be it for you. The Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder is priced at $39, which is a great deal considering the anti-shine formula guarantees a glowing face all day without any photo flashback. The powder gives a flawless matte finish for 16-hours of transfer-resistant wear.
    3. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Setting Powder
      This product by IT Cosmetics is priced at $30 and makes for an ideal choice if you have oily skin. It sets your makeup perfectly and also keeps oil accumulation on the skin at bay. It is the best face powder to add to your makeup bag if you’re looking for a lightweight translucent one for touch-ups.
    4. bareMinerals ORIGINAL Loose Powder Foundation SPF 15
      bareMinerals has awed more than just a few makeup enthusiasts, and for good reasons. The product is available in 30 shades and is priced at just $32. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic! That’s an excellent deal on one of the best face powders in the market. It’s great at minimizing the appearance of fine lines and pores, and the lightweight, vegan formula provides a luminous finish.
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  • 4 top online retailers for LED light fixtures

    Light fixtures are instrumental for the aesthetics of a place. They stimulate the visual senses and can make a place more vibrant or soft instantaneously. In fact, with the right light fixture, even a simply decorated space can come alive. This is one of the main reasons why LED light fixtures have grown in popularity in recent years. If you’re looking for one yourself, we suggest you buy it online.

    While offline retailers also sell LED light fixtures, it is unlikely that they can match the number of options offered by online retailers.

    4 top online retailers for LED light fixtures

    Based out of Oregon, Schoolhouse is one of the premium places to buy LED light fixtures. Their designs are quite stunning, and there’s many options to choose from—the Newbury 4″ Standard and Donna 17″ Pendant are two common favorites. Schoolhouse also has light fixtures for bigger spaces, so you won’t be disappointed even if your need is unique. The pricing is the only catch; most of the LED light fixtures offered by them are all above $200.

    Etsy has everything for everyone, including any options you might need to brighten your space. The options are endless; you can filter the light fixtures based on your exact needs. From large corporate spaces to small cabins, Etsy has the hardware for every location. You can also find great deals so you save more, especially if you are buying an object in large quantities.

    Amazon is another great place to turn to when furnishing a space. From Rivet to Stone & Beam and AmazonBasics, the e-commerce major has many in-house brands that have trendy, modern, as well as mid-century-inspired light fixtures. You can filter out the options to fit your requirement, and pricing is not a problem either.

    The reason why we’re suggesting that you have a look at Frontgate is because of their classic yet contemporary collections. Certain problems faced by customers often include the lack of traditional choices, since most brands want to focus on what is new in the market. Frontgate, however, takes a step back to take inspiration from the past. The LED light fixtures feel classic yet appealing, so you get the best of both worlds. You can sort the fixtures on the basis of color, material, type, shade, and height.

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  • 4 best leaf guards to buy in 2021

    The pros of installing leaf guard gutter systems outweigh the cons. They are slightly expensive but help prevent debris from blocking your gutter system. Insects and rodents, then, find it difficult to enter the gutter system, which ensures that it doesn’t become a breeding ground for diseases. There are many other benefits too, although none of it makes sense if you go with the wrong gutter system.

    In this article, we will help you make the right choice by listing the four best leaf guard gutter systems in today’s market.

    Gutterglove Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh gutter guard
    This 10-pack gutter guard is easy to install and comes with hundreds of positive reviews. Made of stainless steel, this Gutterglove product has small pores in it that allow water to pass through it. Leaves, pine needles, and other debris are, however, prevented from entering the system. Each piece is 5-1/2 inches wide and 4 feet long, which means you get 40 feet coverage with this gutter guard.

    Amerimax Snap-in Gutter Filter
    The Amerimax Snap-In gutter guard is unique because it is designed to prevent leaves from entering. It will keep out any leaf from entering the gutter system, and it is really easy to install too. It doesn’t need to be welded and neither do you need to drill: it can be directly attached to the front of the gutter. It is made from a lightweight plastic material and looks decent, thanks to its clever design.

    All Weather Armour ArmourGuard® Ice Micro Mesh gutter guards
    In winters, ice can easily melt along the roof-line of the gutter guard and cause drainage problems. The All Weather ArmourGuard® Ice gutter guard is one of the few leaf guards that comes with a heat cable system to solve this precise issue. The heating system melts the ice and prevents ice dams from forming. The leaf guard is also easy to fit into any existing gutter system, although you will need the assistance of a dealer.

    Amerimax Home Products Hinged gutter guard
    Hinged gutter guards, like this one from Amerimax Home Products, are easier to clean and maintain compared to others. Due to its unique hinged design, you only have to lift the guard and clean out the gutters as needed. It is made from galvanized steel, so it is strong enough to withstand ice, snow, and any debris.

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  • 5 places to buy good-quality cloth face masks online

    Wearing a face mask is necessary for more reasons than just the ongoing pandemic, including the prevention of skin damage due to sun exposure and pollution. And while there are various materials you can choose from, cloth masks are the most comfortable type for daily use. With hundreds of retailers out there, finding an attractive yet reliable and efficient cloth face mask can get challenging. But we have your back. Head to these online stores for some high-quality and attractive cloth face masks:

    1. Amazon
      You can find any type of face mask you need at this online store. From anti-fogging ones to triple-layer, or adjustable ones, masks are available in different combinations, colors, and patterns. The price depends on the type and quantity of the cloth face mask you buy. You can also get deals and discounts or even free shipping on products. 
    2. Target
      You can find all kinds of high-quality cloth face masks, from basic to designer ones, at Target. If you’re attending a wedding, Target is here to help you nail that perfect polished look. With their new augmented reality feature, you can now try out various face masks on your phone (for select devices). Different sizes and patterns of cloth face masks are available at this online store, and they also have dedicated sections for women and children.
    3. Etsy
      If you want to buy comfortable yet pretty face masks, Etsy is the place to be. From 100 percent cotton to satin and lace, you can find different kinds of cloth face masks here. And you can choose plain colors or pick from creative and attractive floral or printed designs.
    4. Macy’s
      This is the place to be if you’re looking for high-quality cloth face masks in different colors and patterns. They are available in combos of twos, threes, and fours, and you can buy cloth face masks from several brands like Steve Madden and Disney. You can also find mask accessories at this online store.
    5. Levi’s
      You can buy reusable cloth face masks made of 100 percent cotton from Levi’s, and they come with adjustable cord ties. They come in different colors and sizes, are reusable and reversible, and look great on any outfit. Plus, they offer great comfort and are ideal for longer wear. You can find these machine washable cloth face masks on the official Levi’s website as well as on Amazon.
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  • 6 jeans styles that are wardrobe essentials

    Jeans are pretty much the staple of everyone’s everyday wardrobe. They look great, are super comfortable to wear, and most of all, easy to style. They are also available in many different colors, patterns, and styles. So, if you’ve been thinking about shopping for jeans but are unsure about where to start, here are 6 must-have jeans that you can try.

    Vintage style jeans
    When it comes to fashion, a lot of trends often come back bigger and better. This especially rings true when it comes to vintage-style jeans. The 80s’ and 90s’ denim styles are to die for and make for perfect luxury and comfort wear. You can style a pair of vintage jeans with all-white sneakers and a denim jacket to complete the vintage look.

    High-rise jeans
    If you’re looking for a pair of jeans with an overall edgy look, you must consider buying high-rise jeans. Aside from providing you comfort packed up in style, high-rise jeans help shake up your wardrobe and add a dash of spice to your professional look. Let’s not forget that these babies are available in different cuts and patterns, so you have tons of options to choose from.

    Classic skinny jeans
    While skinny jeans may not be the most popular or go-to pair of denim right now, they are worth having in your closet. Why? Well, as we’ve said, fashion is pretty much recyclable, and trends come back with time. Not to mention, skinny jeans look fabulous, allow you to showcase your toned legs, and can be styled for both personal and professional situations.

    The boyfriend jeans
    Boyfriend jeans scream comfort and style. This makes them an essential item in everyone’s closet. They are also the baggiest of the bunch and make for perfect casual wear. Their design also makes them suitable for day-to-day wear, and you carry out your everyday chores in them with ease. Boyfriend jeans could also be considered the perfect denim to wear during the hotter seasons of the year.

    Mom jeans
    If you’re looking to purchase a trendy pair of jeans, don’t forget to check out mom jeans. Mom jeans are pretty similar in style to straight-legged jeans, but what makes them unique is their pinched-in waist. This pinched-in look allows you to have a more exaggerated waistline and even allows for an overall baggy look. Mom jeans also add a slight retro element to your wardrobe and can be paired perfectly with a pair of sneakers or pointed-toe shoes.

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  • Top 4 running shoe brands

    No matter what your favorite outdoor activity is, there is a fair chance you often indulge or begrudgingly participate in the activity of running or jogging. Well, love it or hate it, it is an excellent means to get warmed up before the main workout session. One important thing you need to have covered is having the right pair of running shoes. Here are 4 brands that are famous for the trainers they make.

    The brand name is based on the famous Latin phrase -Anima Sana in Corpore Sano or ASICS, which translates to Healthy soul in a healthy body. The brand aims to appeal to people who are serious about their physical training goals. The running shoes will keep up with the workout intensity and hours. The brand’s footwear comes with the FlyteFoam Propel foam sole that is made for agility and energy. The shoes are great for support on smooth as well as uneven terrain.

    Nike has been in the fitness game for a very long time. The brand, named after the Greek goddess of victory, has been standing firm on its name since its initiation in 1964. Nike shoes are great for runners, trainers, other sports enthusiasts, or even people who want to be fit. With comfort and cushioning, the shoes offer stellar support to the heels and the arches. Nike offers a wide variety of trendy designs. Their Free Run series is a testament to how great Nike is at producing comfy cozy running shoes that hardly disappoint.

    New Balance
    New Balance is not so new at producing running shoes that are perfect for balance and performance. The brand is good at catering to the needs of newbies and professionals athletes who like to keep things moving. The Fresh Foam series by the brand has amazing cushioning and appeals to all design-centric customers. The New Balance shoes will have you covered, and you won’t be needing a salt soak at the end of every run.

    How can we not include this successful brand name in this list? Adidas has been one of the top players in the fitness and health industry since its inception. The brand caters to the footwear needs of fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes. The shoes designed by Adidas will certainly help you reach your full potential with every step you take. The shoes can be paired with your casuals as well as athleisure.

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  • Types of kitchen furniture you must consider buying

    The kitchen, without a doubt, is the heart of every home. If you’re planning to upgrade or remodel your kitchen, you’re probably wondering what furniture to include in the space. The kitchen area is typically small compared to the living room or bedroom, so it’s advisable to only invest in kitchen furniture that is absolutely necessary and doesn’t take up too much space. Below we’ve listed essential types of furniture for your kitchen.

    Kitchen cabinets are indispensable. This is where most people store everything from cooking utensils to kitchen appliances. Cabinets also play a crucial role in the aesthetics of your kitchen. It’s vital that you select something that’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional, long-lasting, and resistant to environmental effects, particularly to kitchens. If you don’t find the right cabinets for your kitchen in stores, get it custom-made from a designer.

    Tables, chairs, and bar stools
    If you prefer having meals in your kitchen, then tables and chairs become essential. Bar stools in the kitchen are in trend nowadays. The good news is all three pieces of furniture comes in different styles and a slew of material options like timber, bamboo, steel, wrought iron, crystal top, and granite top. Bar stools and chairs are also equipped with cushions made from various materials.

    Need more storage or counter space in your kitchen? Get a kitchen island. It’s a practical solution for extra space that can also look pleasing and elegant if you choose something that blends with the theme of the kitchen and the house. Traditional kitchens mostly feature islands made from butcher block wood for better durability. However, islands designed for modern kitchens feature a wide variety of materials and finishes, giving you more options to choose from.

    Pot racks and shelves
    Here are two more pieces of furniture to make the best of your kitchen space: pot racks and shelves. Pot racks are great for hanging pots, pans, and cups for quick access, helping you keep your kitchen organized. Pot shelves further aid in organizing, making it easier to the correct bowl or pans almost instantly.

    Kitchen carts are usually for large, spacious kitchens. People load it up with a variety of useful items, so they don’t need to get up from the dining table. These carts can also be used as outdoor barbecue accessories, among various other purposes. Like most furniture, kitchen carts are available in different styles and sizes.

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  • Top 5 budget-friendly smartphones

    Did you know that you can own a quality smartphone without burning a hole in your pocket? If not, you’re in for a treat! Popular brands are rolling out excellent quality phones with fantastic features like a decent camera, a long battery life, and a good display at budget-friendly prices. Here’s a list of the best, most affordable smartphones on the market.

    OnePlus Nord N10
    With a high-quality display, a quad camera, and 5G, you can access the best technology with OnePlus Nord N10. It has a long-lasting battery and quick charging that provides a day’s power within 30 minutes. The device has a high RAM capacity to help you work, play, and use all the apps you need without interruptions. This smartphone costs about $299.99.

    Apple iPhone SE
    This is one of the cheapest yet feature-rich iPhones that Apple has to offer. It’s water-resistant and has a stunning display. The device’s super-fast A14 Bionic chip helps you perform all your tasks efficiently and seamlessly. In addition, its stunning camera captures impressive pictures, no matter the setting. The Apple iPhone SE starts at $399, and you can get it at a cheaper rate by trading in your old device.

    Verizon TCL 5G
    You can now experience super-fast download speeds, high-quality streaming, and gaming with Verizon TCL 5G. Its super HD display helps you view your favorite movies and shows in exceptional quality. It has six GB of RAM and up to 128 GB of storage to store everything you need. Moreover, it’s expandable to an additional 256 GB with a removable microSD card. This smartphone costs about $289.00

    Google Pixel 4a
    For only $349, you can get incredible speed, a stunning camera, and a super long-lasting battery with the Google Pixel 4a. Plus, you can get things done faster with just your voice using Google Assistant. This smartphone also assures the safety of your device using a special security chip. Moreover, if you’re in a car accident, it will automatically call 911 to your rescue.

    Motorola Moto G Power
    With a stunning triple camera and enormous storage space, you can store your memories for as long as you like. The Motorola Moto G Power has a super HD display to ensure you watch your favorite shows in the best possible quality. It’s water repellant and has a battery that can last for up to three days after charging. With Verizon, you can get this impressive smartphone for only $159.99.

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  • Top 5 timeless luxury watch brands

    Luxury watches are perennial pieces that never go out of style. It is a worthwhile investment that builds an impression and says a lot about an individual’s taste. There are many luxury watch brands that are unique in their own way. Some reflect elegance while some sophistication. We have compiled a list of the five best luxury watch brands that will enhance your personality.

    When it comes to luxury watches, this one unsurprisingly tops the list. Originally founded in 1905, Rolex is an internationally recognized status symbol whose pieces are handmade. This Swiss luxury watch brand is known for its unbeatable quality, excellent craftsmanship, and longevity. Even its vintage pieces fetch a far higher price compared to others.

    Patek Philippe
    This brand is one of the most reputable luxury watch brands known for inventing the first-ever wristwatch. Patek Philippe is one of the last Swiss family-owned brands and caters only to the richest of the rich. It builds extremely polished and highly complicated watch models that take years to make and get auctioned at unimaginable prices.

    Audemars Piguet
    Founded by two childhood friends in 1875, Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet are some of the earliest watchmakers. This brand changed the direction of traditional watchmaking when in 1972, they launched the Royal Oak luxury watch. This piece replaced traditional gold watch bands with sustainable stainless steel. Audemars Piguet is known for its luxurious sports watches and refined yet complicated horology.

    Vacheron Constantin
    Established in Geneva in 1755, this brand was founded by Jean-Marc Vacheron and is known for its signature pieces with complex horology. Some of the most prominent men that wore this luxury watch brand’s collection include Napoleon Bonaparte, Pope Pius IX, and Harry Truman. One of its timeless pieces, the Vacheron Constantin $57269, is the most complicated watch in the world with 57 complications and is valued at $8 million.

    TAG Heuer
    TAG or “Techniques d’Avant Garde” was founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer. This is also the first-ever Swiss watch brand to be in space. Its stopwatch was worn by John Glenn on the Mercury-Atlas 6 flight in 1962. They are best known for making designs that are sleek and stylish and have prices that appeal to the younger generation. It is one of the most affordable yet luxurious watch brands popular among motorcar drivers.

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