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Top 4 brands that make anti-radiation cellphone cases

Cellphones use EMF waves that are a combination of radiowaves and microwaves for transmitting data for texts, calls, and even web browsing. Being exposed to EMF radiation for longer periods can be harmful and result in health complications in the long run. Hence, shielding the phone with coverings made from a material that can block excess radiation is important. Herein, we discuss some of the best anti-radiation cellphone case brands in the market:

The wallet-style anti-radiation cell phone cases from SafeSleeve feature a front flap made from radiation blocking material. Certified by the Federal Communication Commissions (FCC), these cases block radiation while you make or receive calls. Apart from EMF-blocking materials, SafeSleeve anti-radiation cell phone cases are also made from shock-absorbing materials that can protect the phone from damage due to accidental falls. The brand claims that it offers 92% protection against ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) and 99% protection against RF radiation.

Just like SafeSleeve, RadiArmor is a brand that makes wallet-type anti-radiation leather phone cases. These anti-radiation cell phone cases block up to 91% of RF radiation, though the material uses has the capacity to block at least 99%. A magnetic clip keeps the flap closed whenever the phone is being used to make or receive a call. RadiArmor uses vegan leather that looks and feels like genuine leather. The phone remains in place inside with the help of rubber-made snap-in case to avoid accidental falls.

This brand makess some of the most unique anti-radiation phone cases as it does not come with a front flap. Instead, the cases have a back cover made of antiradiation material and conductive material like copper. Present in the form of mesh, the copper acts like an antenna that focusses multidirectional EMF waves toward the back of the phone. Such design helps in preventing direct contact with the radiation reducing the exposure by more than 65%.

This brand is one of the best anti-radiation cell phone case makers out there. The wallet style cell phone cases are FCC certified and block almost all the EMF radiation that could harm the body. However, like other anti-radiation cell phone cases, those made by DefenderShield require the user to close the front flap making or receiving calls. The inside of the flap also has multiple slots for keeping credit cards and other cards that are required to be handy.