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Top 5 car rental companies

When it comes to renting a car, the choice of car rental company matters. Although there is no single best car rental company out there, there are many great ones worth comparing rates on. The right one for you will depend on what exactly you’re looking for and your budget. So, ensure to compare rates thoroughly from official websites before picking a car rental service. Keep reading to learn about some excellent car rental companies in the country.

Hertz is one of the oldest and the largest car rental companies. It’s present in nearly all neighborhoods and airport locations in the country. The company offers a wide selection of cars so you’ll likely find something suitable. If you become a frequent Hertz renter, you can even take advantage of their Gold Plus Rewards Program. Benefits include skipping the counter to rent quickly and collecting points to get free rental days, among other things.

Alamo is often touted as the best car rental company for international travelers. That’s because they have offices located in every major airport in the USA. Another great thing about Alamo is that they offer quick and efficient pick-up and drop-off services. Also, travelers can save 5% by becoming an Alamo insider.

With over 60 years in the car rental industry, Enterprise is one of the most trusted companies. What people like the most about Enterprise is accessibility. Their offices are located in and around nearly all neighborhoods in the country, so picking up and dropping off vehicles is quite convenient. They also offer membership programs that provide many benefits to regular renters.

National has become a go-to car rental company among companies and business travelers. Thanks to their Emerald Club program, corporate and even individuals can take advantage of discounts and other crucial benefits like bypassing the counter and earning rewards for free rental days. They also offer a wide range of car selections, including compact cars, luxury cars, SUVs, and cargo vans.

True to its name, renting a car from Payless is quite affordable. If you compare Payless rates with other top car rental companies, you’ll find that Payless always offers deals that significantly lower rent prices. For example, they are currently offering up to a 20% discount on a prepaid online booking. Payless is available in several locations around the country and has received mostly reviews from customers, so they are worth checking out.